I Want To Be Danny's Tray!

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April 15, 2003
We are closing in one week, so have fun while you can. *tear tear* Bye.

March 18, 2003
yay news! (i know finally) Danny Smith's movie "the big hit" is playing on TBS tonight at 10:30 pm-ish. Also his official site is up and runnign again. Official Danny Smith Site Welcome to Codi. Thanks for joining!
February 21, 2003
~ Aaaaaaall right. So still no new members or anything, and I know that people are coming here, hello there is a counter. Really all, you could at least send us saddos a "hello" or a "howdy" or even a "you two are so pathetic, this is a pity e-mail." Also I don't know if the general public is aware of this, but there is a forum. Come now, use it. Alrighty that's all for today.

This clique was created by Anna and Allie on April 22, 2002.  It was Allie's idea, but since Tripod hates Allie, Anna decided to make this clique. Anna will stop talking about herself in the third person now. lol.

Allie came up with the idea for this clique while we were chatting on IM one night. We were looking at pictures of Danny Smith.  Danny Smith plays Merton J. Dingle on Big Wolf On Campus on Fox Family.  There's this one picture of him from an episode.  You will see it to the right. I think it is pretty self-explanatory.  This is the picture that started it all. Allie said "I want to be Danny Smith's tray!" and this clique was born. (Allie went on to Anna's tripod name and changed "Merton Dingle" to "Merton J. Dingle" like he prefers it. Oh god thats a little sad...)("I did not authorize that!" lol)


This is the picture that started it all. PS if Danny Smith is acutally reading this, I would like to quote "MertonDanny Heaven" and say "not obsessed...loyal"